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Located on the 1st floor, seating capacity for 50pax and open from 8.00 to 22.00

The Petit Café is located outdoor/indoor and has an integrated bakery for takeaway sales. It is a fashionable café where you can enjoy snacks, bakery products, ice cream, fruit juice, soft drinks and café specialties. The café offers reasonable prices to attract local customers.

"The Cafe" is a bridge for residents of Hue into the hotel. A hotel in Hue is perceived luxury and people usually do not patronize hotels. We have to change this with "The Cafe" concept. "The Cafe" is a typical French Bistro/Cafe found in France along the street. The interior is homely, a little messy yet elegant. The Bistro Café entrance is from the lobby where a newspaper rack can be found. There are benches along the wall with 2 seat tables in front which can be moved together depending on the number of people. There is a unique and attractive fan system supporting the ambiance. The back wall is covered by typical Bistro Mirrors, also to be used to promote food and drink specialties. On the walls, paintings can be observed showing the history of Hue. There is a typical Bistro type bar counter dominated by an Espresso Machine from Lavazza. Cake display fridge is part of the concept. Adjacent to the bar counter and kitchen entrance there should be a decorative service station designed like an old fashioned cupboard. The Bistro/Cafe appears entrepreneurial. Uniforms, menu design, table top equipment are designed accordingly.

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