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About Hue

It was only recently that Hue was made a city considering the substantial contribution it makes to the country’s cultural and economic development. Hue City today is a driving force in Central Vietnam’s development and serves as a gateway, linking the country’s provinces and cities in the north and south as well as those in the country’s East West Economic Corridor. Hue City has an International Airport as well as a seaport.

The World Heritage Road, traverses 17 historical provinces in Central Vietnam. Hue, an ancient royal city replete in history and ancient culture, has two Une World Heritage Sites, historical Monuments and the Royal Court Music. Visitors will discover many more cultural and historical attractions which make Hue a must-visit, must-see destination.

Hue is a quiet, relaxing city, big enough to be interesting but small enough to bicycle around. The food is great, claimed to be the best in Vietnam.  Hue combines the charm of history, culture, and environment. It’s a “university town” and the centre of the arts in Central Vietnam, a hidden jewel, only to be discovered.

Hue’s average temperature varies during its dry and wet seasons. During the dry season from March to September, temperatures range from 28 to 33 degrees Celcius. The wet season from October to early February gives visitors and the locals a comfortable temperature range of 18 to 22 degrees Celcius. That’s why Hue can be considered an all year round destination.