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Our Enamel shop is home for a variety of items ranging from handicrafts to gifts for various occasions, works of art for interior and exterior decorating, as well as items made for export according to required specifications of customers. All our products are fully filled with aesthetic, technical values, as well as cultural and historical value as the ups and downs of this industry.

Phap Lam (Enamel) product is a kind of decorative product made by metal painted with Enamel. Metal is usually cooper, gold or silver. Metal being used in our workshop is Red Cooper. Since this is a combined industry of many sectors of handicrafts such as goldsmith, metal carving, pottery, copper casting, etc. The requirement of this perfect combination create unique features for Phap Lam products.

There are 03 kinds of Phap Lam products as listed below:

- Painted Enamel: is an Enameling technique using white enamel covering copper before firing making background enamel, then graphics are drawn on background enamel and fired again. The Drawing and firing process can be done single or multiple times. This is Traditional Pap Lam of Hue.

- Cloisonné: The artist forms copper into shape of finished object (body making) and then filigree-soldering, Enamel-filling, Enamel firing and polishing.

- Champleve Enamel: Inner Copper is decorated by carving or etching then color enamel is covered in some points to highlight the overall decoration.



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